Saturday, February 14, 2009

We are putting together "Digital Angel" an event to help the Victorian Bushfire victims.
Stroker Serpentine has offered us the use of his two sims to hold the event. Also many Dj's, musicians have joined up so we can provide pretty much non stop music for the whole weekend. We have also some great content creators that have donated goods to sell on the day which all proceeds will go to the Australian Red Cross.

I have spoken to a Australian Red Cross Representative, and she was excited about the event, she had not heard of second life, but told me it didn;t matter how the event was held as all the donations will help. I filled out the Fundraiser Registration form and should have the Official go ahead within the week.

This was a impulsive decision on my behalf. I had just watched the morning news and saw pictures of the children lost in the fires. My heart broke, and I said to my friend nuvolino inworld that i had to do something. We then started looking too see if there was a Red Cross affiliate in here, there isn't, so then the alt VicBushfireAppeal Fireguard was made so that donations would go directly to her. My friend nuvolino Roffo had the scripts made up to put in a donation Kiosk, which he designed and he also organised a script for the vendor.

I then spoke to my other two best friends in here, Marcia Scott and Trix Noel. Marcia did all the spreadsheets and worked out times for the musicians, She was also the one that talked to Stroker, Trix did the canvassing for content creators to join in on the day.

Trix, Marcia and myself know how devasting bushfires can be, going thru bad bushfires a few years ago. So doing this was us giving back to the people who helped us through our time of need.

The response has been great. So a great weekend is planned, We have Fri, sat and sun nites booked with musicians, we are still looking for early am ones. We have around 20 vendors that will help by donating goods on the day. We are even thinking of going Kareoke if we need a space filled, lol. We have been kindly donated a stream by NEOSTREAMS which is great.

The Event starts Friday the 20th at Midnight with a song made especially for the event by nuvolino Roffo who is an electronic musician. We will continue until Midnight Sunday night the 22nd. We are hoping people will come and listen and watch and feel it in their heart to donate, even if its only a few lindens, it all helps.

To see the the devastation caused, go to,27574,25033480-5000540,00.html

You can also go here to donate directly
This is where all the money we raise will go to.

CFA twitter feed at

Surreal Babii
nuvolino Roffo
Trix Noel
Marcia Scott
Digital Angel
An appeal for the Victorian Bushfire Victims
Proudly supporting the Australian Red Cross

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